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Patient Account Receivable Management Add-On Service

  • Patient Phone Calls

  • Non -Collectable Balances

  • Accountability Report

  • Patient Account Audits/ Electronic Statements

  • Custom Letters for Payment Collections

Patient Account Audits/ Electronic Statements

Upon request, we can audit your patients accounts for accuracy. Our team will review the patients account and make sure the balance on account is accurate before sending statements. Statements are sent electronically through your management software on a monthly basis

Patient Phone Calls

Patient accounts that are over 90+ days past due that have ignored statements, would receive a series of phone calls along with the customized letters. Our goal is to motivate the patient to pay what is owed.

Custom Letters for Payment Collections

Patient accounts that are over 90+ days past due that have ignored statements, would receive (1 month apart) requesting payment and set up payment arrangements so the office is collecting full payment for services rendered.

Non -Collectable Balances

After several attempts that have been made to collect balance due and no progress that have been made, upon request by the office, we would either write off the account balance owed by patient or transfer account to a collection agency. Regardless the outcome, we actively manage all your collectible receivables to ensure accurate accounts receivable reporting.

Accountability Report

Weekly emails and summary reports are sent to the doctor that will show how many patients were contacted, letters that have been sent, how much has been collected and current patient account balance and who left the office without paying any of their portion.

Fees for Services

Small Office


Small Offices that total collections are under 40K/month Base price is




Medium Office


Medium Office total collections are from 40k to 100k/month Base price is




Large Office


Large office total collections from 100k to 150k/month

Base price is





Enterprise office that total collections are over 150k/month Base price is




*In addition to the base fee above, you will be charged for postage and handling of all customized letters mailed to the patients at 0.75 cents per letter.  Daily and weekly summaries are sent which include the names of patients receiving collection letters.