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  • Primary & Secondary Claims Submission

  • Missing Information

  • Review all denied claims

  • EOB and EFT Postings

  • Progress Report

  • *Insurance Aging Report

Primary & Secondary Claims Submission

All dental insurance billing claims for primary and secondary claims are sent electronically

(if the insurance accepts electronic submissions), daily along with any necessary attachments. Pre-authorizations will be sent to insurance companies when requested. Every claim is reviewed, and narratives will be entered  it is sent to an insurance company to avoid the claim being denied over a clerical error, which typically occurs in most dental offices.


* If you are currently not using electronic submissions or attachments, we will process a paper claims and attachment through the mail. We will NOT ask for the postage cost the until the office can send electronic submissions and attachments

Missing Information

Most common reasons why claims are denied is due the lack of or incorrect patient information. This issue causes delay in payment for services rendered. Our team will review all information prior to submission and any missing information, we will contact your office right away to obtain the missing information.

Clinical Notes- we find that when submitting claims with a narrative gives the insurance less opportunity to delaying paying for services rendered. Clinical notes of the prognosis on why treatment is needed, or the necessity of the replacement will avoid those delays.


*A report will these errors will be sent you via email so you /office manager can avoid further issues that may delay payments.

Review all denied claims

All claims are closed out in a timely matter. If a claim is denied, we will immediately review and resubmit with a narrative to be reprocessed for payment. This attention to detail ensures that we collect as quickly as possible the outstanding balances for services rendered.

EOB and EFT Postings

All insurance payments are posted to the patient accounts accurately and in a timely–within 24 business hours after the EOB is emailed by your office. We recommend depositing the checks the next day, ensuring that our daily deposits balance with what is posted daily. Contract adjustments will be posted. EOB’s will be scanned into patients documents for record keeping.

Our team will even take the extra step and update patient accounts with remaining maximum allowance for the year, deductible met. A note will be entered with reason for denial on unpayable service. By doctor’s request, statements will be sent to patients with account balance after insurance payment posted. We find this helpful your administrative team.

*Insurance Aging Report

 Our team will print out a report on all unpaid claims that are 30 days and over. They will contact the insurance company and resolve the matters so the claim can be reprocessed and paid. Claims that are not payable will be closed out and account updates will be entered on patient’s accounts.

(Upon Request)

Add'l Fees Apply

Progress Report

Submit weekly or monthly (doctor’s choice) reports on progress on all collection efforts to achieve the goal to ensure all your over 90 days insurance account balances are zero 

Fees for Services

Plan A


Ideal for dental offices with Insurance Collections up to $40,000 per month


*$850/month aging

Plan B


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $40,000 and $100,000 per month.


*$850/month aging

Plan C

Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per month.

Collections up to $100,000 are billed at 3.0%/month. Remaining amount over $100,000 is invoiced a




*$850/month aging



When the office’s total collections are over 150,000/month any amount over $150,000 is billed at


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