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Dental Billing Made Easy.

Increased Amount Collected. No Hassle. No Long Term Contracts.

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Effective | Intelligent | Innovative


Insurance payments will be collected in a timely matter

Our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to you

Your staff will be solely focus on patient customer service

 Let our team handle the hassles of calling on outstanding claims, appealing claims, and posting of insurance payments so your team can give your patients great customer service.

Saves you the hassle on having to pay employee expenses

Using our company saves you the hassle on having to pay the expenses to employ someone in the office such as employee taxes, sick & vacation time off, medical benefits, hourly rate, etc.

Our rates are reasonable and affordable

Our team are experts in the dental billing field where they will be dedicated on working on your accounts for a competitive price

No binding contracts or set up fees

There are no binding contracts, It’s a month to month basis. There is set NO up fee.

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